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BB249: Failure Not Required - Part 5 featuring Karlton Hoskins

August 10, 2022 Hosted by Maggie Mongan: Featuring our #1 Bestselling Business Authors Episode 249
Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Podcast
BB249: Failure Not Required - Part 5 featuring Karlton Hoskins
Show Notes

Failure Not Required - Part 5
featuring Karlton Hoskins

Failing Forward has been a common mantra for many business experts since 2000. 

Choosing to Fail Forward simply requires you to focus on shiny objects that grab your attention, succumb to busyness, and fail fast – as many times as possible. The consequences of this path include not enough time, lack of financial resources, not seeing results from actions, limited growth, and being stuck wearing all the hats of your business. 

Alternatively, by following a proven path called Falling Forward,  you can achieve the success you desire while limiting the risk of failure. The benefits of this proven path are clarity of actions, better health, time freedom, and measurable growth. 

In the first four episodes of this 5-part series, called Failure Not Required, you talked about solutions to issues business owners are faced with, like the misunderstanding of failure vs falling, the Mad Hatter Method, and business owners wearing multiple hats in their business, sequencing and the importance of tackling business development tasks at the correct time, and in the last episode, you talked about how business owners neglect their genius and how to avoid that costly mistake. In this episode, Karlton will share a common and costly mindset for business owners.

The choice is yours. Failure is not required.

#1 International Bestselling Business Author, Karlton Hoskins, Answers:  

  • Where did your love of business come from and when did all of this business talk become important to you? 
  • Is it true or false, do Jamaicans typically work multiple jobs? 
  • What happened to get you to the point where you felt like you needed to address the issues plaguing business owners?
  • Do you think your family's experience played a role in your mindset? 
  • How do these mindsets play into your concept of Failure Not Required? 
  • What are the different mindsets of Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow Quadrants?
  • When you look back at your family's history, what mindset would you say your parents had?
  •  Do you believe their mindset has anything to do with their business failing?
  • What do you want this episode's takeaway to be? 

Karlton's Special Invitation for You:
Have you decided to take the Fall Forward Path? Turn on your Business’s GPS to get started.

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