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BB204: The Real Deal - Authenticity featuring Susan White

September 22, 2021 Hosted by Maggie Mongan: Featuring our #1 Bestselling Business Authors Episode 204
Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Podcast
BB204: The Real Deal - Authenticity featuring Susan White
Show Notes

The Real Deal - Authenticity
featuring Susan White

In this era of impersonal automation and technology, small business owners have an often-overlooked advantage of easily distinguishing their businesses from the competition. Other than product, price and location, creating and maintaining authentic relationships between owners, employees, and customers is often the only thing setting one business apart from another. 

The intent of this chapter is to help small business owners identify and consider how their businesses look and feel to their employees and patrons. Authenticity is as unique to each business owner as our individual thumbprints are to us! Oftentimes, small business owners don't perceive authenticity as an asset. It's too easy for small business owners to become complacent and do the same thing over and over unconsciously each day without self-assessment and accountability. In doing so, we neglect the importance of creating and maintaining enduring, authentic relationships.

Three individuals – a successful small business owner, a recent master's level graduate, and an educator, shed some light on authenticity, what it means, what skills and abilities it takes, how authenticity shows up, and the impact it has on others from their unique perspectives and experiences.

Using this insight and self-awareness helps small business owners support win-win success – both inside the organization, as well as within the community.

#1 Bestselling Business Author, Susan White, LCSW, Answers:  

  • In volume 1 you taught us about hope and the shadow. In Volume 2, you challenged us to think about willingness and success. This year, you've written about "The Real Deal on Authenticity in Relationships". 
  • Talk to me about Authenticity..."How do you define authenticity? 
  • Why would a Social Worker care about authenticity? 
  • What does authenticity have to do with small business success? 
  • You discuss Zig Zigler, Abraham Maslow, and Carl Jung in your chapter – what do any of them have to do with authenticity? 

Susan's Special Invitation For You:
Explore your authenticity with customers and employees and determine what serves your business's highest potential. Receive insight today:

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