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BB209: Numbers + Knowledge = Success? featuring Julie Craig

October 27, 2021 Hosted by Maggie Mongan: Featuring our #1 Bestselling Business Authors Episode 209
Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Podcast
BB209: Numbers + Knowledge = Success? featuring Julie Craig
Show Notes

Numbers Knowledge = Success?
featuring Julie Craig, CPA

Let’s explore profitability from a different lens by taking a deeper dive into The 5 Essential Keys to ProfitabilityTM that can change your business. It’s more than numbers and spreadsheets that can impact the success of your bottom line. 

As a licensed CPA, I love numbers. Curious what I know from practicing 30 plus years in public accounting? Exclusively focusing on the numbers will not guarantee you arrive at the profitability you seek for your business. Implementing The 5 Essential Keys to ProfitabilityTM,  you can carve a much different path to achieve your profitability goal – favorably impacting you both professionally and personally.

Upcoming Author, Julie Craig, CPA Answers:

  • We are beginning your 5-part mini-series on our podcast, you are a CPA in Public Accounting who loves to talk about numbers but not in the way you may expect.  Would share with us a little bit about yourself and your thoughts on numbers?
  • You once mentioned there's a famous quote by John Mather about the numbers. Can you share it and its importance?
  • Regarding Mather's quote, what do you see as one of the greatest challenges business owners have with numbers?
  • There sure are a series of challenges but as the quote alluded to, there is also strength.  Tell us more about your perspective on the strengths and why you chose to write about numbers not in the way most people would think when it comes to profitability? 
  • Julie it’s been fun talking about numbers—never thought I would say that! As we wrap out our session maybe you can give us a tip of on your first Essential Key you wrote about in your chapter?

This is the first episode in Julie's miniseries on our podcast.

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