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BB208: Failure Not Required - Part 1 featuring Karlton Hoskins

October 20, 2021 Hosted by Maggie Mongan: Featuring our #1 Bestselling Business Authors Episode 208
Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Podcast
BB208: Failure Not Required - Part 1 featuring Karlton Hoskins
Show Notes

Failure Not Required - Part 1
featuring Karlton Hoskins

Failing Forward has been a common mantra for many business experts since 2000. 

Choosing to Fail Forward simply requires you to focus on shiny objects that grab your attention, succumb to busyness, and fail fast – as many times as possible. The consequences of this path include not enough time, lack of financial resources, not seeing results from actions, limited growth, and being stuck wearing all the hats of your business. 

This chapter invites you to choose a different process for your business. Just like turning on your location on the GPS while driving cross country, you can receive turn-by-turn directions to guide you on your journey. You may have been detoured or even forced to slow down along the trip; however, you will reach your destination if you follow the instructions.

By following a proven path called Falling Forward, you can achieve the success you desire while limiting the risk of failure. The benefits of this proven path are clarity of actions, better health, time freedom, and measurable growth. 

The choice is yours. Failure is not required.

Upcoming Author, Karlton Hoskins Answers:

  • We are beginning your 5-part mini-series on our podcast and taking a deep dive into the method of falling forward in business - rather than failing forward. You wrote a great chapter on this, where should we begin our conversation on our podcast?
  • Some would say that failure is necessary, right? Would you agree that in order to succeed you must make mistakes, learn from them, and then you are able to grow from there?
  • What would be the correct word to use if you are saying failure is inappropriate?
  • Are you saying the failure brings a business to a complete stop? While falling implies an opportunity to learn from our mistakes, make the corrections and keep on moving toward our destination of success?
  • For the business owners who truly want to fall forward and not fail forward, what can they begin doing today?

This is the first episode in Karlton's miniseries on our podcast.

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